McDonald’s accused of racism

The plaintiffs are seeking to pay a billion dollars for what they believe was McDonald’s offering black businessmen to open restaurants in depressed, crime-ridden neighborhoods. Thus, the company doomed the franchisee to failure.

McDonald’s denied the charges. The Corporation noted that, despite their proposals, the final decision on the location of the restaurant remains with the franchise owner. They also noted that McDonald’s is committed to the principles of diversity, equality and inclusiveness.

In August, it was reported that the German company Knorr, part of the Unilever group, is going to rename one of its popular products – “Gypsy sauce” – because of accusations of racism. The name of the sauce Zigeuner [translated from German — Gypsy] received numerous complaints from buyers of the famous seasoning, which eventually forced the management of Knorr to respond.

Since the end of may, mass protests have been taking place in the United States, accompanied by riots and clashes with police. Protesters call the cause of death of African-Americans racism and police brutality. In some States, the protests turned into riots with pogroms, looting, shooting and arson.