The founder of Zoom earned five billion dollars in a day

Eric Yuan, founder of the Zoom online conference service, earned $ 5.2 billion in one day. His fortune reached 22 billion, writes Bloomberg.

Zoom shares rose 32 percent after the release on Monday, August 31, of a report on quarterly revenue, which rose 355 percent year-on-year, to $ 664 million. The company’s net profit was almost $ 186 million. Zoom’s customer base increased by 458 percent compared to 2019, to 370.2 thousand companies.

Zoom has become one of the main beneficiaries of the coronavirus crisis. In addition, the winners from the pandemic were Amazon, owned by the richest man on the planet Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos). The billionaire himself set a record in 2020, becoming the first person in history to exceed the $ 200 billion mark.

Another beneficiary of the new crisis was the company Tesla and its founder Elon Musk (Elon Musk). The latter’s fortune increased to $ 114 billion, and he took the third place in the list of the world’s richest people according to Bloomberg.